ATK-katu will be renovated into teaching and social facilities

New facilities will be constructed along ATK-katu, a hallway starting from the front of L10 hall. The new facilities will enable the use of educational models of the future.

ATK-katu’s new spaces will increase the teaching facilities’ capacity significantly, as they can room approximately 350 students simultaneously. The modern design aims to enable the use of new, interactive teaching forms. In addition to traditional classroom teaching, the facilities will allow for the organisation of workshops, debates and multiform learning. Future trends have been taken into account in the design, such as phenomenon-based learning, learning by doing and informal peer-learning.

Aksonometria uusista tiloista

ATK-katu’s facilities will contain a total of 11 teaching spaces and between 7 to 8 spaces for small groups.

Multi-location classroom as a promoter of distance learning

Linnanmaa Campus will also have the first multi-location classroom (MLC) in Oulu. Multi-location classroom is an entirely new classroom concept which enables remote interaction between groups. Kontinkangas Campus, as well as other Finnish universities, will also have MLC spaces. The facility is a classroom equipped with speakers, microphones, video cameras and connections, and its aim is to create a more intense sense of presence between remote groups.

“Video technology and a screen of approximately 6 x 2.5 metres in size will be installed in the space, which will create a stronger sense of presence in remote groups. In addition, the MLC facility will have a high-quality sound system, which will create a lifelike audio experience”, says Paula Vaskuri from DigiCampus project.

DigiCampus is a higher education development project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The project’s objective is to develop the digital aspect of universities.

“Given that this is a new concept, the DigiCampus project will also develop the ways in which the facilities can be used, as well as related possibilities. Of course we hope that the university community embraces the facility with enthusiasm, and starts taking advantage of the various possibilities in an open-minded manner”, Vaskuri says.

A wide range of facilities

Although modern implementations have played an important role in the design, traditional learning methods have not been forgotten about. Most of the facilities are also suited for traditional lectures and seminars. A reading room, where students can study independently, is reserved for quiet work.

The university wants to support the welfare of staff and students, which is why special attention has been paid to ergonomics in the facilities’ design. Different seating options will be available in the facilities: in addition to ordinary seated workstations, the premises will also have standing desks and electric height-adjustable desks.

Aulatilan havainnekuva
The lounge area will be adopted for more active use, and work stations and recreational spaces will be placed there.

The premises will also include social facilities for students and staff of the entire university. A new doorway will be made into the exterior wall, with a parking space for bicycles at the entrance. The plans include showers and changing room facilities which would serve the users of the cycling route (pyöräbaana) ending at the south-west corner of the university. In the future, it would therefore be possible to cycle to the university along a cycling route from the city centre, and arrive at the lecture fresh out of a shower.

A virtual tour of the premises is going to be organized soon. Further information on the tour will be provided later.

The renovation is going to be finished on December of 2019. ATK-katu is cut off for the duration of the construction project (from April to November 2019). During this time alternative passageways are in use.

Last updated: 7.3.2019