Aviroop Mukherjee exercises his restless creativity in the University of Oulu

When Aviroop Mukherjee was seven or eight years old, a teacher in class told the pupils to draw a line on the blackboard. Just a line. One child drew a vertical line. Another drew a horizontal line. When it was Aviroop’s turn, he drew a wavy line. “See?” the teacher said. “You can draw whatever kind of line you want.”

Born and raised in Kolkata, Aviroop says this memory has stuck with him and has formed some of his personal philosophy. Aviroop studies biomedical engineering and says that early on in his studies he was drawn to research.

“Coming from a country where every other person wants to be a doctor or a classical engineer, it seemed my path was laid out for me. I didn’t want to be an engineer, though. So, I tried to get into the medical study path, to be a doctor, but I failed the exam,” Aviroop says,

Discouraged, Aviroop enrolled in engineering school, but he knew it wasn’t for him. His father made him take the exam a second time, even though Aviroop was set against it, and now he says it was probably the best decision his father ever made.

“Without him, I never would have landed in Chennai with a degree. I found biomedical engineering, which is a very apt replacement for people who are not going to be doctors but still want to be in medical sciences. I was so taken by my studies that at the end of my first year I published my first research paper,” Aviroop says.

Aviroop says that science and technology are big contributing factors in his identity. His research niche is sports biomechanics. In September, he started his Master’s programme in Biomedical Engineering in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oulu.

“I like to create with my own hands. Engineering gives you an extra avenue for it. I do have a restlessness in me when it comes to creating things,” Aviroop says.

Aviroop feels he has found a fruitful place to exercise his restless creativity in Oulu and his Master’s programme.

“I knew that Finland is one of the most advanced nations when it comes to science and technology, and aspects of my course are breeding grounds for era-changing ideas and developments. I also like the university’s relaxed and enjoyable academic environment. You can have a course schedule that is never cramped with time or mentally pressurizing. The innovative teaching methods and the interesting lab and group exercise sessions are the cherries on the cake,” Aviroop muses.

Talkative and social in person, Aviroop enjoys meeting new people, which is what studies and UniOulu Ambassador programme have enabled for him. Meeting new people in Finland isn’t hard for him, but he says that you have to take the initiative most of the time.

“People are definitely helpful and quite friendly. Also, in the university, you’ll meet a lot of international students who are interested in talking to you and learning about your culture. It’s also good to meet people outside of your own batch, which is one of the benefits of the Ambassador programme. Studying by yourself can be pretty monotonous at times, so it’s good to break the monotony, connect with new people and hang out with them,” Aviroop says.

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Last updated: 12.6.2020