My kummi student helped me a lot

Balla Bobi
Learning, Education and Technology
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Dear applicant,

My name is Balla Bobi. I come from Romania, from Oradea city situated in the North-West of Romania. I want to share some thoughts that might help you choose your new place of living and studying.

I studied for three years at the University of Oradea and graduated from Primary Teacher Education last summer. In the second year of my studies, I decided to go on an exchange to the University of Helsinki, Finland. I enjoyed my studies, got to know Finnish habits and culture and liked the splendid food; I must say Finnish people eat very healthily (the breakfast of many Finns that I know consists of porridge and orange juice).

After having finished my exchange studies, I returned to my home University and completed my Bachelor’s Degree. I then wanted to change the scenery for my Master’s. I found the Learning, Education and Technology programme that is offered at the University of Oulu; the programme sounded excellent to me. I applied, was invited for an interview and finally, received an acceptance email. I started my studies in August 2016. My kummi student, student tutor, helped me a lot in the beginning.

Here, the student is in the focus when it comes to learning and teaching. The teacher lets the student share their thoughts and ideas. The courses are organised as a group activity. You will learn more about collaborative learning and self-regulated learning, and also the importance of using educational technology by doing. We are taught how to deliver best quality education, and that is not all - we are given life advice and the opportunity to practice theory in many ways. 

I think Oulu can well be called an international student city. Everybody is fluent in English, even if you go to a store. The people are very kind. Besides the studies, I have found many activities here: athletics, swimming - and volunteering in the Alumni Ambassador Programme.

I hope that my story will help you decide the best option for you – may be it brings you here to my University of Oulu!

Best regards,
Bobi Balla
University of OULU
Faculty of Education

Last updated: 17.1.2019