Business-oriented thinking, environmental awareness and technological trends

Claudia Galdos Palomino
Product Management

I come from Lima, the capital of Peru. I am currently studying in the Master’s degree programme in Product Management at the Faculty of Technology at the University of Oulu. I hold a previous Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

During my Bachelor degree studies, I was on exchange in the Oulu Business School. It opened my eyes to Nordic business, business-oriented thinking (especially startups and entrepreneurship), environmental awareness and technological trends. I was fascinated by the learning experience, where study methods, motivation and course contents were simply one of a kind.

After graduation, I wanted to go back. As my interest in technology and processes had increased, I decided to apply for the Master’s degree programme in Product Management. Currently, I am in the second year of my studies and looking for a position to complete my Master’s thesis.

In addition to having learnt so much about technology and management-oriented thinking, I have increased my professional network and started a blog to help other students who study or are planning to study at the University of Oulu as degree or exchange students.

Today, Oulu and Finland are what I consider home. I have to admit falling in love with the country already the first time I came here which was during December. I am not sure if it was the nature or the glow of the holidays or the winter wonderland outside my door or the freezing temperatures but ever since, I have had the feeling of being at home.

For you who read this now, be brave and come to the University of Oulu! You will find challenges but the reward is yours to keep: professional skills and competencies, personal growth and a big bunch of friends with different backgrounds from so many countries!

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Last updated: 22.6.2020