Coronavirus follow-up, decision-making and communication

How is the coronavirus situation followed and the actions of the university managed?

University corona preparedness team is constantly monitoring the situation and the instructions given by authorities and cooperates with regional authorities such as the Hospital District, the Regional State Administrative Agency and the City of Oulu. The preparedness team meets three times a week and makes decisions and instructions on the university's activities based on the information received. The guidelines will be communicated to the university community and published on the coronavirus monitoring page. Detailed guidelines for staff  can be found from intranet Patio.

The operational team established to deal with the coronavirus situation will ensure the implementation of the guidelines throughout the community and will take the necessary additional measures within its respective areas of responsibility. The operational team shall report to the preparedness team on actions taken and issues that require further clarification. The operative team is also prepared for the fact that the situation will worsen.

Practical arrangements for education and research in exceptional circumstances are led by deans and heads of units.


How the situation proceeds?

Currently, teaching and working is carried out remotely  as much as possible. Lectures are conducted online, and courses have been transformed into online courses. The teaching arrangements are informed on a course basis, for example through Moodle or by e-mail. The teachers in charge of the courses are responsible for organizing courses and informing students according to faculty-specific guidelines. Support for digital education has been enhanced.

Numerous events have been canceled or postponed. The persons responsible of the events make decisions and inform according to the given instructions.

The Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District (PPSHP) informs about coronavirus infections and potential new exposures. 

In case of new infections, the exposed persons will be mapped under guidance of an infectious disease doctor and instructions of The Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District (PPSHP) will be followed. The exposed persons will mainly be contacted by the health authorities.

According to current information from the hospital district, the virus can be transmitted for about 24 hours before the onset of symptoms and requires, for example, sitting next to an infected person. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the university's cleaning and hygiene measures have been intensified earlier in accordance with the instructions of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

How is the coronavirus situation communicated?

University-level communication is coordinated and implemented by the Communication Unit of the university. Information related to the implementation of courses, exams, faculties’ policies or, for example, cancellation of events is carried out by the persons responsible in the faculties and departments. Students and staff will mainly be informed along the following channels:

  • General communication to students: News for students and Tuudo, email, social media (responsible: communication, academic affairs, human resources)
  • Course-related communication for students: Moodle, email, degree programme news (responsible: teachers in charge of courses)
  • Staff: Patio news and email (responsible: communication, human resources, academic affairs, IT)

Please note that the service addresses are now heavily burdened and responding to messages can unfortunately take time. If your case can wait, follow general communication and answers to frequently asked questions.