Arrangements of studies during coronavirus pandemic

According to the recommendations of the Government of Finland studying and teaching in the University of Oulu is arranged mainly as distance learning. From Thursday May 14 onwards it is possible to organize individual events or courses in the premises of the University, taking into account the safety and distance instructions.  From May 14 onwards, teaching at university premises does not require a separate authorisation procedure that was in place during exceptional circumstances.

Beginning from June 1, 2020 students can access to campuses with their 24/7 access card Mon-Fri between 8-17 o'clock: Main door 2T and door A3 at Linnanmaa campus and door 7A at Kontinkangas kampus can be opened with students´ 24/7 access card.  On can order card here and inquire cards after two weeks from lobby service points on weekdays between 8 am and 3.45 pm: Linnanmaa +358 50 596 9846 ja +358 50 525 8635, Kontinkangas +358 50 567 1883.

In the summertime, distance teaching is favoured but teaching can be arranged also on the campus, taking into account the safety and distance instructions.

The teaching arrangements will be informed on a course basis, for example through Moodle or WebOodi or by e-mail. The teachers in charge of the courses are responsible for organizing courses and informing students according to faculty-specific guidelines. Please follow also faculty bulletins.

As a rule, the students´ know-how is evaluated using alternative assessment methods until to the end of the Spring term. The big examinations are not arranged. The examinations of small student groups can be arranged on the campus, taking into account the safety and distances instructions. The Exam System will be restrictedly opened, taking care of the safety. The teacher responsible for the course is responsible for creating the assessment criteria and organizing alternative assessment methods for study attainments. The teacher also informs students about changes in the course.


Guidelines for organizing teaching in autumn 2020

The following guidelines apply to teaching arrangements on the first teaching period of autumn 2020, between August 1 and October 25. Decisions for the next period and onwards, will be made during August.

  • The orientation for new students will be organised in small groups on campus. Lecture-type events for all new students will be organized online remotely. The aim is to organise orientation days on alternate days so that students from different faculties are present on campus on different days.
  • Teaching on campus is provided only if it cannot be arranged remotely (e.g. laboratory and other experimental teaching). For students who, due to pandemic reasons, are unable to participate in on-campus teaching, should be ensured that studies progress either by arranging replacing assignments or by enabling them to complete the course at a later time when working on campus is safe. All students who can come to the campus despite the pandemic situation will be offered either guidance or other encounters on campus.

Programs, tools and devices during distance learning

By installing OpenVPN client and remote desktop connection into your computer, you can use your network drives and the programs licensed by the University, such as Adams, Amos, Archicad, AutoCAD, Consol, CST Studio, Julia, Mathematica, MatLab, NVivo, Origin, Rhono, R, Revit, SAS and SPSS.

Information about printing opportunities and opening of laptop vendors, self-study workstations and computer classrooms can be found here

ICT services support requests:

Guidance and counselling services

All guidance and counselling services are working remotely. According University’s guidelines in guidance, Teacher Tutor is the first to contact in questions concerning studing, secondly Academic Affairs Service Teams. Students can book appointment with stydy and career counseller and study psykologist from the beginning of 3 August. Guidance may be given by phone, Skype, Teams or some other way to be agreed. Teachers will advice and guide in questions concersing courses. From May 14 onwards University premises can be utilized for necessary face-to-face guidance, taking into account the distance and hygiene instructions.

Support requests: 

Graduation during exceptional situation

Although the campuses are closed, graduation during spring 2020 follows normal schedule and procedures instructed by the faculties. However, there is some delay in delivering the diplomas because of the general situation. Diplomas are sent by mail. Notice that, as a University of Oulu students, you can download an official digital transcript from WebOodi, where the degree information is also available.

You can also see your degree information from -service ( From -service, you can provide a link to your degree information, for instance, for an employer.

Student exchange

The University of Oulu has urged all outgoing students to return to Finland and all mobilities planned to start by 31 July have been cancelled or postponed. Students have been given instructions on applying for a reimbursement of expenses incurred by the interruption of exchange from the University of Oulu. Some students have remained in the exchange destinations and some complete studies to their destination institutions remotely from Finland.

A big part of incoming students to the University of Oulu have remained in Oulu either out of their own will or to wait for a later return due to travel restrictions. Incoming students have been instructed to contact their home institutions and embassies of their home countries for repatriation arrangements if they cannot arrange their returns through ordinary travel reservation channels. Primarily these parties should be contacted also in possible financial difficulties.

Nearly all incoming exchange students have been willing to complete their studies to the University of Oulu remotely either from Oulu or their home countries. Students have been instructed to agree on the completion methods with persons responsible for their courses. Exchange students’ study right in the University of Oulu will be valid according to the earlier decision even if the student would return to the home country.

Support requests: 

Open University studies

Due to coronavirus situation open universities offer their distance studies free of charge to university degree students. The nationwide study offering is available on this page. The University of Oulu´s Open University offering (studies mostly in Finnish) here.

Financial assistance for foreingn students

Foreign students are generally expected to meet their own financial needs. First find out if you could get financial assistance from another source. If you are in Finland on a non-temporary basis, you can get social assistance on the same terms as any Finnish national living in Finland. Kela will make an overall assessment of the nature of your residence in Finland. If you have stayed in Finland for a very short period of time, you will probably be considered a temporary resident. In that case, you will be entitled to the essential part of basic social assistance, which covers food and essential medicines. The assistance is provided in the form of vouchers. More information on Kela’s pages.

Information and guidelines for teachers can be found in intranet Patio.