Events and visitors during coronavirus pandemic

University doors are currently open for visitors. Visitors must follow the hygiene and distance instructions of the University. It is not currently possible to visit the University of Oulu from countries that are under restrictions by the Government of Finland.

It is possible to arrange events in the premises of the University, taking into account that the safety and distance instructions of public authorities must be followed. In meetings remote connections are favoured. Important trainings and and meetings can be arranged face-to-face in the University premises, so that interaction needed in learning new things is efficient. All meetings are arranged in premises where safety distances of 1-2 meters can be taken care of.

According to the instructions of the Government of Finland, public events for 50-500 participants can be arranged with special arrangements. The instructions of Finnish institute for health and welfare must be followed. In nationwide or international events, remote participation is arranged.

Public examinations can be currently arranged on campuses. The opponent can access campuses, taking into account that the restrictions and recommendations of the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs of Finland do not exclude this possibility. Alternatively, the opponent can participate in the public examination via video remote connection. More information on dissertation events will be informed in frontpage at section Theses.  If the public is allowed in the lecture hall during the defense, the instructions given by the government about assembling limitations, safety distances, high risk groups and hygiene must be followed.  Coffee service and/or karonkka are not part of the official disseratation event and it is doctoral candidate´s responsibility to decide on these. During the epidemic consideration in arranging the events is recommended and instructions of public authorities have to be followed. More practical information for arranging doctoral dissertation during coronavirus pandemic in Patio (for staff).