Travel guidelines during coronavirus pandemic

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: Avoid non-essential travel (see exceptions at MFA webpage)

Traffic restrictions,  set by the Government of Finland, will be assessed approximately every two weeks. Work-related travelling is allowed beginning from 14.5.2020 in the traffic which exceeds the inner limits of Schengen Area.

For University staff work-related travel within Finland from 14 May onwards will be allowed only if it is unavoidable.  International travel is not possible at present.  More information in Patio (for staff).

Students abroad in student exchange have been recommended to return to Finland. More information in page Arrangements of studies.

Check the Ministry for Foreign Affairs website for the latest travel advisories.


Questions and answers

I have returned from a trip abroad. What should I do now? Do I need to switch to working / studying remotely?

The risk of coronavirus infection has increased throughout Europe and around the world. When returning from abroad, one should self-quarantine for 14 days. Remote work/study should be continued according to instructions given by the University.

According to current knowledge (THL), the incubation time, which is the time from the exposure to the first symptoms, is estimated to be approximately 1-14 days, on average approximately 4-5 days. How efficiently the virus spreads and the period of infectiousness are not yet well known.

 You can contact your supervisor or course tutor in further questions.

Questions and answers about travelling and coronavirus (MFA)