Stay focused on your goals

Elena Lechinskaia
Education and Globalisation
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My name is Elena and I am studying in the International Master’s Degree Programme in Education and Globalisation. My educational background is in International Relations.

Stay focused on your goals 

My feelings during the application period are still fresh in my mind. At some point I had strong doubts if I had any chance to get accepted. I was still studying for a bachelor’s degree in a different field, didn’t have permanent job or research experience, and on top of that some bureaucratic obstacles which prevented me from collecting the documents I needed made me worried and hesitant. I felt a lack of confidence and need for advice. But eventually, I ended up here and my main message to all prospective students is that if you have some doubts, put them aside and stay focused on your goals. All your efforts will be rewarded in the long run. 

Emphasis on self-reflection and various extra-curricular activities 

The main idea that I have grasped so far about student life at the University of Oulu is that it is not just  about getting academic knowledge in the classrooms and long hours of cramming. This is more about your constant self-reflection, gaining deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and goals, developing practical skills and getting involved in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Every day you come across people from culturally diverse backgrounds, with various work and life experiences. All this enormously expands your outlook, your range of interests and keeps you inspired and motivated to move forward. From my not-so-long experience I can say that here you will get a chance to join student organisations that provide great volunteering opportunities through which you can make a difference and develop your potential to the fullest. 


My personal impression of the town is that Oulu is quite close to my perfect destination. Living here you feel a unique combination of a modern, technologically advanced city on one hand, and on the other hand peaceful countryside immersed in nature. The word ‘cozy’ probably describes the atmosphere of life here to me bestAnd one more little but really nice peculiarity: Very soon after I came here I got used to squirrels running along the cycle paths and even a couple of times they crossed the way right in front of my bicycleSuch cute company! 

Last updated: 17.1.2019