Cycling city filled with nature

Elizabeth Brauer
Education and Globalization

I am Elizabeth and I am studying in the two-year International Master’s Degree Program “Education and Globalization.”  This is not the first time I have studied in Finland.  I was at the University of Tampere in 2011 for a semester and I enjoyed my experience so much that before I even left Tampere that January I was looking for opportunities to come back. When I found the EdGlo program it was like the stars were aligning.  I had studied Sociology/Anthropology and Scandinavian Studies as my majors during undergrad, so the program really spoke to me and my interests.  

Oulu has been a surprisingly great city. Although I had really only biked as a child, I quickly acquired a bike and got back on to ride. The trail network is great and the scenery is beautiful in all seasons whether I have been on a leisurely ride to take in sights and get some photographs, headed to university or a friend’s apartment, or just out to acquire some groceries. There is a plethora of diverse bodies of water to take in: lakes, rivers, the sea, and countless ponds. Oulu is very much so filled with nature, but there are also many amenities which help make living in the capital of Northern Scandinavia more than just comfortable. I am excited to continue to see how the university changes with the seasons and how I change as well.   

Last updated: 17.1.2019