Each class is engaging, meaningful and full of discussion and curiosity

Emily Lemke
Education and Globalisation
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My name is Emily and I am from Albury, Australia (half way between Melbourne and Sydney). My passion is all forms of education so not surprisingly I am in Oulu studying the Masters of Education and Globalisation.

My first month in Oulu was a whirlwind of academic and social wonder. The educators at the University of Oulu have made sure that each class is engaging, meaningful and full of discussion and curiosity. Through their openness and sense of humour they have quickly established a warm and safe learning community. My fellow classmates hail from all over the world and this diversity creates a unique community in which to explore complex issues such as globalisation!

As Oulu gradually turned into shades of yellow, orange and red I had the opportunity to explore further. With friends I have gone to river sauna, Rovaniemi, Ranua Zoo, berry picking and seen the northern lights. With the university I have been to Vulcanalia and eaten food from all over the world! I have a comfortable (and very affordable!) apartment close to the university where my flatmate and I have frequently welcomed new friends around for meals and games.

Overall, I hope my firstmonth is a sign of how my life for the next two years will continue!

Last updated: 17.1.2019