Future life sciences scientist through studies in Oulu and Ulm

I am Fatema Tuj Zohora. The beauty of nature attracts me more than other things. I spent my entire childhood in Chittagong, a very beautiful hill tract city in Bangladesh. As my father was a government forest officer, we travelled almost all timber forest areas in my country. In high school, the nature and the secrets of life were like a magnet to me.

At end of my college studies, I lost my mother to cancer. Seeing my mother suffering from cancer, I felt for the first in my life how horrible it is for a patient to fight diseases. That made me make up my mind and study life sciences. Millions of people around the world are striving to live for one more day as my mother did. Though life sciences have advanced a lot, a whole lot remains to be done.

I completed my high school and college studies in Chittagong, then a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology at the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh. By then, life sciences had become a passion to me, and research would be the only way to dig deeper. I joined Bangladesh Government’s Ministry of Science Technology as a Scientific Officer of National Institute of Biotechnology. It was my stepping stone towards the research world.

I decided it was time to tackle medical research in more detail, and that led me to the University of Oulu as a double degree Master’s student in Molecular Medicine. My degree programme gives me the opportunity to study at the University of Ulm, Germany, as well. I am improving every day. In Oulu, I have experienced a new learning methodology and practices, and they are making me more independent and confident day by day. Now, I believe in myself and my endeavors.

I believe my degree program will help me to gain more knowledge and experience thus will help me to fulfill my ultimate dream to be a life sciences scientist in the future.

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Last updated: 25.6.2020