Integrin Signaling and Transcriptional Networks in Cancer - Aki Manninen

Project description

We focus on characterization of transcriptional regulatory proteins, including transcription factors (TFs) and epigenome regulators, and their interplay with integrin signaling pathways in gene regulation and accurate control of cell growth. Aberrant functioning of the TFs and integrins is often observed in various types of cancers, such as prostate malignancy. Understanding the misregulated transcriptional networks in cancer cells and clinical specimens or patient-derived organoids will facilitate the discovery of novel mechanisms and clinical biomarkers for cancer risk prediction and potential targets for therapy. Here we aim to uncover the cancerous role of multiple TFs in prostate cancer by integrated functional genomics and clinical data analysis. Together with data from genome-wide association studies, we aim to explore how the cancer risk-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms alter the genetics of TF-DNA binding at sites of clinically important enhancers, thereby affecting gene expression programs underpinning cancer susceptibility and progression. We will validate the key prioritized hits, including risk SNPs, enhancers, and causal genes relevant to integrin signaling pathways that are potential biomarkers and drug targets for precision cancer medicine.

Selected publications:

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Aki Manninen

Aki Manninen

Prof. of Cell Biology at the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Coordinator of Virus Core Laboratory at Biocenter Oulu