Generation Z and beyond: Co-evolution of human capabilities and intelligent technologies in the 21st century (GenZ)

GenZ is a strategic profiling theme of the University of Oulu, funded by the Academy of Finland (PROFI4, 2018-2022). GenZ aims to strengthen human capabilities, anticipate future challenges and increase human resilience through world-class interdisciplinary research within the identified themes.

As new technologies are rapidly developing and becoming more intelligent, invisible and ubiquitous, the entanglement of these technologies with human everyday life presents a 21st-century challenge and transformation that will not exclude any individuals, communities or processes. In spite of this, contemporary approaches to the technological transformation take the human-being for granted and are too narrow. They merely focus on how humans, communities or societies react to new technologies and how people use a technology after it has been developed and designed; or they predict dystopian futures emerging from the co-existence between humans and technology. This is not enough. A concerted response is needed to generate research-based knowledge about the co-evolution of humans and intelligent technologies, making possible the renewal of human capabilities and competences in all walks of life.

Director: Prof. Pentti Haddington, Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Literature

Vice Director: Prof.  Sanna Järvelä, Department of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education, Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET)


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