Then a new chapter begins…

Habeeb Yahua
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Little did I know that I will live in Finland until the opportunity to be part of a great academic world came to me in news of studies in Finland. After a detailed look at the universities and career paths they offer, Oulu came to be the most favoured by me. As a graduate of Economics from Nigeria, choosing Finance as a specialisation was easy because of my love for numbers and interest in the Financial world. Arriving in Oulu made the dream a success even though it was on a cold day. An atmosphere of excellence, natural beauty and calmness is all I can see as the university welcomes new students on the first day. Hitting the ground running, lectures start on the day of resumption and it was all studies even though I take free time to see the beautiful city and make some good friends who I share good moments with.

What more can an aspiring financial expert hope for than an academic environment that provides the ground to thrive in the business world? The program is practical and the required active participation in courses only made it more interesting.

Last updated: 17.1.2019