Understanding the psychology behind learning

While studying Psychology and Management in Sri Lanka, Hansika Ambahelagedara volunteered on an AIESEC project. For six weeks she taught basic English to children and adults in a monastery in Myanmar. “I enjoyed teaching,” she says, “But I did not have any proper foundations yet to develop teaching skills. I wanted to know more about the psychology behind it.”

The Learning, Education and Technology programme at the university of Oulu stroke Hansika’s interest. “I believe this programme is very unique as it is a very timely updated course which provides us both scientific and practical insight towards learning and education in relation to technology.” In the future Hansika wants to be a researcher in learning sciences. She is especially interested in the psychological perspective of learning and hopes to discover more about metacognition and how self-regulated learning impacts motivation during her master’s studies.

“The self-regulated and collaborative ways of working that they teach us, even amidst of a world-pandemic, are very impressive. They always make sure no one falls behind,” Hansika says. Another positive asset in the multicultural and multidisciplinary community of students: “Each and every student from the course comes from a different background. It adds value and makes the whole programme richer,” Hansika explains, “You feel exposed to the world, getting to know about other cultures. Learning more about how they work also helps me to understand how I work.”  

But not only during the lessons the students get to exchange about each other’s lives. The group is also well connected outside of the classroom despite being spread around all over the globe. “We are even planning to have a small online-Halloween-night,” Hansika tells.

During her time in Finland Hansika wants to continue working on social projects, like she did with AIESEC in Myanmar or on projects supporting the transgender community, as she does in Sri Lanka. “I think this is great way to meet more likeminded people and to build a quality network in a new country.”  


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At the time of the interview this student resided in their home country and had not yet been to Oulu due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The interviews took place during the autumn semester 2020, when studies were mostly online.

Last updated: 3.12.2020