The university is so lively and colorful

Haseeb Mufti
Wireless Communications Engineering
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I am Haseeb Mufti and I am from the city of Peshawar from Pakistan. As the word “Peshawar” means a person with a skillful job, so in order to become a part of my city I studied and did my Bachelor’s in Telecommunication Engineering from a well reputed university of Pakistan called NUCES.

After getting a peek into the world of communications engineering I wanted to know more about it rather than becoming just a skillful worker. So to do that I applied for the Master’s program in Wireless Communication Engineering offered by the University of Oulu.


Reputed university and committed professors

As I was selected in the program, I was overwhelmed but I was also a little worried whether I would be capable enough to study in at the University of Oulu, a high level and well reputed university. As I joined the university most of my fears were gone as I met the staff and the professors in the University, everyone was so helpful. If I felt I needed guidance during a course the professors took time out of their busy schedules and helped me with it. Becoming a part of the research community has been one of my biggest achievements of my life.


Colorful university building

The university is so lively and colorful with different architecture from many decades and a variation of different spaces around campus. The environment provided here is so warm and beautiful that sometimes you feel you’d rather stay at the university than go back to your apartment after lectures.

The student guilds are a unique experience. The peculiar student “uniform”, overalls and patches, make the experience even more delightful. The guild rooms are always fun places to hang out and enjoy a still moment in time. The university has great restaurants, ravintolas. Even the picky ones can always find something good to eat.

I am lucky to be in one of the places in the world where you can experience the bright, long summer nights and the other way around, darkness filled days in the winter. The summer here is great - I have always dreamed about this kind of a summer where everything is filled with life and joy.

To sum it all up in a single line: University of Oulu is a place where dreams come true.

Last updated: 17.1.2019