How to analyze, manage and develop the dynamics of the software business environment in a global scale

Imoh Anthony
Software System and Services Development in Global Environment
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After successful completion of my Bachelor's Degree Programme in computer engineering, I was faced with options of beginning a step in my professional career or further my studies deeper in my field of interest. After due consultation, researching and consideration, I realized that a Bachelor’s degree was not enough for me in order to achieve my future goals.

I wanted to study in a reputable institution like the University of Oulu, with active academic environment including students and staff members and expertise with state-of-the-art research facilities, which make it outstanding amongst many others - and the best choice for me in Europe.

However, we live in a vast and rapidly changing technological world, and so am I, desirous to getting myself vested with new skills, knowledge and techniques, in order to be able to adapt to situations and proffer solution that will foster development in the area of technology. These were the reasons for my interest to take up a Master’s Degree Programme in Software, Systems and Services Development in Global Environment (GS3D) in the University of Oulu.

My desire to focus on program like GS3D is due to my keen interest in courses in the programme curriculum. These will provide me with solid academic training, skills and understanding on how to analyze, manage and develop the dynamics of the software business environment in a global scale. This will get me fully and thoroughly equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills necessary to answer to growing demands in this field worldwide.

Living in Oulu for me is easier than one can imagine. I have an opportunity to live and interact with people from different geographical locations of the world, and the rich cultural heritage of the city certainly have always made me feel at home. Everyone has pretty much heard the hype about the weather in Finland, but the rules are simple; stick to them and the Finns are always ready to help you get through it!

Last updated: 17.1.2019