Inventions and Business Ideas

The research done at the University produces many different kinds of results: new knowledge, biological materials, softwares, databases, inventions and business ideas. They provide the basis for publications and collaborative projects but also for creating new business.

Employees of the University make appr. 60 invention disclosures annually. There are 2-4 new research based startups per year. See about more detailed statistics from inventions and startups.

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Researcher: Have you discovered something new?

If you think that your research results could contain an invention please make an invention disclosure before you publish the results. In this way it is possible to evaluate if your inventions can be patented and commercialized.

You can find more information from intranet Notio (search with keyword "invention"). If you cannot log in to Notio please contact Innovation Services.


Student: Do you have an business idea?

When you think about founding a new company it is important to know:

  • customer need (who needs you product or service?)
  • market potential
  • novelty (is it possible to patent your solution?)
  • competative advantage
  • team which will develop the idea further

These points you can develop further by taking entrepreneur courses, participating to Avanto Accelerator-program or asking advices from Innovation Services.