I like it that the students are expected to invest in studying and be proactive

My name is Jenna Koski and I’m studying in the Master’s Degree (MSc) in Economics and Business Administration. My major is marketing. I am originally from a small town near Oulu, but I have lived the past 3,5 years in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

I started my studies at the University of Oulu this autumn and have really enjoyed the experience. I have met many students from Finland and all over the world and have already now, during the first weeks of my studies, learned a lot. The atmosphere at the campus has surprised me positively: I did not expect such a warm welcome from my fellow students. I think the people and the networks you create during studies are one of the best parts, the bits that stay with you even after studies.

After the orientation week, our studies started rather quickly, and we have had a lot to do. The courses in my program are very interesting, and this is what motivates me to learn more. The spaces for working at the Linnanmaa campus are excellent, and there is a great variety to choose from; for instance, there is a quiet room for napping, computer rooms and of course the library. My favorite place is the Tellus Innovation Arena, where you can chill on couches, meet your friends or get to know new people - and study. There are many restaurants and cafeterias, which is great since I’m a vegetarian and I’m always able to find good options for my taste.

What I like specifically about Oulu is the fact that everybody bikes. The biking enthusiasm has really caught on me as well, and I bike to school 2 or 3 times a week from the city center (the distance is about 6 km). I think this is a great way to stay active. I really enjoy the nature in Oulu which I find especially beautiful in the summer and autumn but then again, winter and Christmas time is quite special with all the snow. For me, being able to experience all the four seasons is important.

What I enjoy most about Oulu is the coziness of the city. If you are expecting to come to a big metropolis, Oulu is probably not your place, but if you enjoy living in a medium-sized, compact city with a warm and friendly atmosphere, Oulu is the place for you. I feel that it is relatively easy for students to adjust to, since there are so many other students. Even if people might seem distant or quiet at first, they are friendly and welcoming and you can really rely on them helping you.

I feel that the level of education is very good and I like it that the students are expected to invest in studying and be proactive. During my studies, I expect to learn many new things. I look forward to constantly meeting new people and learn from their backgrounds and cultures. I expect to have fun, be a bit stressed, get new insights, be inspired and grow as a person. I plan to fully savour this study experience and make memories that last for years.

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Last updated: 25.6.2020