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Jialei Yang 
International Business Management
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Hi! My name is Jialei. I am studying in the International Master's Programme in International Business Management.

I have been in Oulu for more than one year. Last year, I was an exchange student. This year, I began my “new” journey in the University of Oulu as a Master's degree student.

Why go abroad? I used to be under the control of my parents because I am the only child in my family. My life was always well preplanned by my parents. However, the foreseeable and stable life makes me feel my life is boring and empty. I want to experience different cultures and try a new lifestyle. Moreover, although my major in my Bachelor's degree was International Trade and Economics, all my classmates and most teachers were Chinese. My knowledge about international issues was limited. I wanted to be involved in international issues in practice.

Why Finland? “Cold” does NOT equal to “dull” and “dark” does NOT equal to “unanimated”. Actually, Finland is famous for its high innovation as well as design abilities, for the best educational system in the world, and for the perfect integration between human and nature.

Why University of Oulu? Professors are nice and helpful. For example, after expressing my research interests to one of my professors, she gave me good opportunities with consideration of my interests and future development. Moreover, activities, organized by the Student Union and other organizations such as NISO (Network of International Students in Oulu) and ESN (Erasmus Student Network) are various. I got used to the Finnish culture within a few months, and made lots of friends with different backgrounds and nationalities. Even though I cannot speak Finnish, I can still be involved in most events and activities. Last but not least, infrastructures are human-centered and staff are warm-hearted as well as effective.

For me, the University of Oulu opened a door to the world. My life has been diversified. In addition, I have developed a deeper understanding of globalization and international business by engaging in courses and activities at the University. I am very happy  to see myself improve and change.

Last updated: 17.1.2019