Learning something new, something unexpected every day

I am Jiao, a Master’s degree student in Education and Globalisation. For me, learning needs to be meaningful and make me curious to find out more. I discovered myself doing exactly that at the University of Oulu this autumn.

I am learning a lot from my small but very international and active group of peers during and outside our classes. It is easy to go for lunch together at one of the student restaurants at the campus. I have met a lot of new friends by joining other groups and events at the campus as well, including the Alumni Ambassadors Program and the Start-Up Weekend.

For me, every day is an opportunity to learn something new, something unexpected.

When I arrived in Oulu for the first time I noticed the space. As I come from the Netherlands, I am used to a city that has a lot of buildings and a couple of trees. Here in Oulu, it felt like living in a forest with a couple of buildings, which is nice to experience.

Settling down always takes some time. But I am glad to have Kummi students, instructors, and a Kummi family around me who are helping me to find my way in the university and in the city. 

 I am excited to discover and learn more during my stay here!

Did you get interested in Education and Globalisation?

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Last updated: 18.6.2020