University of Oulu, 2016

Kummi Family Programme Principles

The University of Oulu Kummi Family Programme aims at

  • Offering an international student a chance to learn about Finnish culture and lifestyle outside the university campus and adding positive value to the study experience;
  • Offering a positive cultural experience for both the student and the family;
  • Promoting cultural exchange and enabling friendships between local families and international students;
  • Promoting internationalisation in the City of Oulu and Oulu region.

The Kummi Family and the student are expected to be interested in cultural exchange and willing to commit to the programme. The family, at least one family member, should be able to communicate in some other language than Finnish. Participants should make sure to have enough free time to meet each other.

The programme runs September-May each academic year. The application period for students varies and will be announced through for example the student Intranet. Families can sign up for the programme year-round through the Kummi Family Programme website. Families and students will be matched based on the information in their applications. The university cannot guarantee a Kummi Family for all students nor a student for all aspiring Kummi Families.

The university organises a get-together meeting in the beginning the autumn semester. The family and the student then plan and decide together how often they meet and how they wish to spend their time together between September-May.

The core idea of the programme is to promote understanding and friendship across cultures. The students and families are expected to act respectfully towards each other. The student’s as well as the family’s welfare, safety and cultural differences must be taken into consideration. The student or the Kummi Family must not cause any harm to each other.

The student has no obligation to work for the Kummi Family, for example as a babysitter. The Kummi Family is not responsible for the student’s everyday life arrangements, such as housing and banking. The Kummi
Family does not have any financial responsibilities for the student. The Kummi Family is not expected to provide the student with a special and costly free-time activity, such as trips.

Taking part in the Kummi Family Programme is voluntary for both the student and the family. If you have any problems with your family or student that you cannot talk through, please let the Kummi Family Programme contact person know at your earliest convenience. Both parties have a right to withdraw from the programme.

The university has the right to choose the families and the students for the programme on the basis of applications. The university has a right to remove a student or a family from the programme if necessary.

The Kummi Family programme, as well as the meetings organised by the university, are regarded as a free-time activity. Please make sure you have adequate insurance cover. The University does not provide an insurance for the participants.

Last updated: 14.5.2019