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Become part of the Kummi Family Programme

You can apply for the Kummi Family Programme if you are an international exchange or a master's degree seeking student of the University of Oulu staying in Oulu for a full academic year. Even if you are a degree student and stay in Oulu for more than a year, please note, that the students and the families participate in the Kummi Family Programme for the maximum of a year at a time. Students live independently on their own, not at the Kummi family's home.

Students participating in the programme will become "kummiteltava", which means that they will be connected with a local family. Spending time with a Kummi family offers the student an opportunity to dive into the Finnish culture and share their own culture with the family.

Participation to the Kummi Family Programme requires commitment throughout the programme. The applicant has to make sure they have enough free time for the Kummi Family Programme. You should be able to invest at least four hours per month to spend time with your family.

We wish that the students:

  • are genuinely interested in the Kummi Family Programme.
  • are prepared to actively contact their Kummi families. You should suggest meetings with your family at your own initiative.
  • are willing to commit to the principles of the programme.

How to apply?

Fill in the application below to apply to the Kummi family programme. Please read through the principles of the programme before submitting your application. Please note that the programme starts in the autumn semester and runs September-May each academic year. The families and the students commit to the programme for a year at a time.

About Kummi Family

Kummi family is a local family that wishes to spend time with an international student of the University of Oulu. Families have diverse backgrounds regarding their family statuses, interests and hobbies. Spending time with “kummiteltava” offers a family a chance to learn about other cultures and practice their language skills.

Matching the families and the students

Matching the families and the students will take place in September 2019. We will match the families and the students based on the information both parties give in their applications. The more you share of yourself in your application, the easier it is for us to match you with a family.  Please note that not all wishes are possible to fulfill. The University of Oulu might not be able to provide a family to every student. You will be informed if we could not find you a family. 

Those students who will be matched with a family will get an invitation to attend to the first meeting organised by the University of Oulu. Detailed information about the location and schedule of the first meeting will be updated. The students will be connected with their family at this first meeting. Make sure you exchange your contact information with your family in the meeting.

Contact information

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