From Delhi to Oulu

Hi, I am Kushal Kumar, a second year master’s student in Computer Science and Engineering. It’s been one year since I’ve been here and I want to share my wonderful experience with you.

The city

Oulu is the city where I first experienced the fascinating light-filled nights in summers and the charismatic display of auroras in the winters. The transition from one of the world’s most populous cities to one of the northernmost and inhabited cities in the world, was a drastic yet wonderful change for me. Oulu is a beautiful, well planned, and technologically advanced city with good public transportation, beautiful lakes, an awesome student community and all the conveniences a big city offers. The nightlife in the clubs is pretty awesome and when you need some alone time the city has some lovely parks too.

The University

With many international students coming to study here, Oulu is definitely a happening place. University of Oulu offered me a perfect balance of studies and fun. In CSE programme, studies are closely related to industry demands. A project-based approach is taken up in most of the courses. Qualitative research is carried out in focus and interdisciplinary areas, and we as students are actively encouraged to take part in the research activities.

With so many extra-curricular activities to choose from, there is something for everybody here. Whether I wanted to try some new sports, or just wanted to explore the city on a bike, Oulu never disappointed. There are many student guilds and organizations who take care that I was never out of options when I wanted to have fun. Events, parties and trips are organized year round for students.

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Last updated: 22.6.2020