From Japan and US to Oulu

Kyoko Uematsu
Education and Globalization

I was born in a small city called Numazu in Japan. After graduating from junior high school, I began studying abroad. I have my bachelor's study in the field of economics. After working for three years in US and Japan, I decided to pursue further study with my interest towards leadership studies.

My studies at the University of Oulu began in 2010 and I graduated from a Master’s program focusing on Education and Globalization in 2012. After attending courses at the University of Oulu, my interest has grown to global citizenship education and teacher education.

Passion for Research and Student Organisations

When I started at University of Oulu, there were no student organizations for international degree students. With new students who were interested in creating a new support group, we have founded the Network of International Students in Oulu (NISO) and it became a registered organization.  I am now a 2-year PhD student in the faculty of education. My current goal is to become an expert in educational research, in particular, concerned with comparative education. I am currently involved in Oulu Student Entrepreneurship  Society (OuluSES) and support various event planning projects.

I enjoy reading, talking with people and cooking. Finland is the 4th location for my study abroad experience and truly enjoying the stay here.

Last updated: 17.1.2019