Learning from each other in an international environment

When Lorin Jirki was 19 years old she left her hometown Oulu to set out and study education in London. The big city was exciting, but after four years she started to get home sick, missing Oulu and her family. So, she decided to come back, but not without preserving an international environment.

In the Education and Globalisation (EdGlo) programme Lorin values that she learns from different people with different backgrounds and experiences, from different countries and age groups. . “There are so many different education systems in the world, so it is important to learn from each other and share experiences,” she says. 

The EdGlo programme offers plenty of possibilities for this. “I love that the EdGlo group is small. We all knew each other like family after just a month! We are being encouraged to talk about our backgrounds and experiences a lot and we help each other.”

Having studied in the UK for four years, adjusting to the Finnish system takes some time. “I was surprised that my teachers actually want to know what I think and how I feel about something rather than what it says in the books.” Lorin appreciates those new experiences. Having spent some time away she sees Finland and its education system from a new angle, “I have come to appreciate it more”, she says.

Lorin’s passion for education started early. “I loved school so much as a child, I would cry on weekends because I could not go to school”, she laughs. After having worked with children in schools and in education projects, she knows that her future will not evolve around only one profession. “I am a multitasker, I always need something to do, so I want to have multiple jobs within schools and the education field.”


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Last updated: 11.12.2020