I love my university, I love the teachers in my faculty

Lu Tran Diem Trinh
Financial and Management Accounting
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My name is Lu Tran Diem Trinh, I’m from Vietnam. I am studying in the Master of Financial and Management Program at the University of Oulu. Finland is the first country I have visited except for my home country. I came to Oulu in the August of 2014; autumn is the best time to be in Oulu with the beautiful colours everywhere. I am happy with the roads around the University, it is clean and beautiful beyond my imagination.

I have been on a week’s journey to 5 different cities in Finland, and every city has their own beauty but I have to admit that I love Oulu the most and am proud of being a student of the University of Oulu.


Life in Oulu

I think it is wonderful that our University has the main campus outside of the city centre, so it’s possible to walk or ride bikes from our apartments to the university. You have a lot of time to admire the beautiful scenery along the roads or think about the life here. University of Oulu is a new place for me to focus on my academic studies and enjoy a new life here in Finland. 


I love my university, I love the teachers in my faculty

I am so happy now because of the teachers in my Faculty. They are enthusiastic, take care of their students, and they will answer all the questions asked by their students.

I needed some books but did not find them in the Pegasus Library. I asked the librarian whether I could request some books. She guided me kindly, and about one month later, I received a notification by email that these books were waiting for me to pick them up.

I have to express my love for my university with a lot of support and care, respect and love. Thank you for everything!

Last updated: 17.1.2019