Surrounded by such a marvellous atmosphere that I do not want it to end

Mahmoud Mohamed
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Two years ago, I set it as a goal to become a Master’s degree student at the University of Oulu. For me it was important that it is a research-based university and the teaching methodology combines theoretical background with practical experience. I made my best to meet the admission requirements during the last year of my Bachelor’s degree.

No words can describe my feeling when I received a full international tuition scholarship letter from the University: it was a mix of pleasure and fear of challenge at the same time. I had been giving it my best to make the dream true. Then, twenty days of completing my degree in Egypt, I flew to Finland to start a new chapter in my academic life.

Being an international student at the University of Oulu has had a significant added value to my personal and professional life. As an example, Tellus Innovation Arena on campus adds so many opportunities to student life, as you will find yourself actively involved in various student activities.

Volunteering in Polar Bear Pitching marketing team enabled me to build a network of international friends. Not only does it add fun to my academic life but it also helps me to develop my competencies. Also, my involvement in the Alumni Ambassadors Programme has given me a second family in Oulu with which to share my thoughts, dreams and future plans.

Every day when I enter the campus, I am surrounded by such a marvellous atmosphere that I do not want it to end by the end of the day. Welcome to the University of Oulu!

Last updated: 17.1.2019