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Maria Melnikova
International Business
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Originally I come from Tashkent – the capital of sunny Uzbekistan, but have lived in Moscow for most of my life. I also used to live for a few years in Tripoli, Libya.

Since I entered the Oulu Business School, I’ve been enjoying the vast opportunities created for students here in in the University of Oulu to learn new things and develop their skills in the safe and friendly environment of student societies. Here are some things I’ve been involved in during my years of studies here in Oulu:

  • I was in core team which founded NISO 3 years ago, a student organization taking care of the interests of international degree students.
  • I’ve been involved in AIESEC for several years, acting as a Vice-President for Projects, organizing Doing Business Abroad seminar in 2011, as well as many other smaller events and went for a summer internship to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • I participated in a bilateral exchange program and went to study to the Washington College in the state of Maryland, USA.
  • I completed a Culture Coaching program and am a certified student trainer for the Russian Business Culture.
  • I became a Vice-Chairman of the Board of Oulu Student Entrepreneurship Society (OuluSES) and I’ve been involved in organizing multiple projects for students interested in entrepreneurship (competitions, seminars, workshops, etc.) I help to organize the 2nd biggest startup festival in Finland which took part in Oulu in the end of August 2013 – Midnight Pitch Fest.
  • At the moment I’m employed in BusinessOulu as a Foreign affairs Coordinator with the emphasis on the Russian market.

Vibrant city culture

The City of Oulu is a place sized for living, a wonderful place for an international student to study and live. You’ll be surprised by the vibrant culture and a variety of remarkable events that are held here throughout the year from Q’Stock and Air Guitar Festival to Midnight Pitch Fest and Irish Week Festival.

Last updated: 17.1.2019