Focus on equality and equity

Marita Alexaki
Education and Globalization
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Coming to Oulu to study education was a dream come true for me. I still remember the day back in 2004 when I heard that in the Finnish primary classrooms competition was out of the game and that kids were playing with kids with special needs together in the schoolyard. When I heard about the “focused on equality and equity” values that the Finnish educational system was built on, I knew that I wanted to come to make my Master degree in Finland.

Seven years later, in 2011, I came to Oulu to enroll to the international Master on Education and Globalization (EdGlo).  Being part in the EdGlo family- as we like to call our group with our classmates - was a life changing experience. In this two-year programme I had the opportunity to attend lectures by well-known professors, to enjoy a different level of proximity with my professors (we had lunch together many times, which would never be the case with my professors back in Greece) and to learn to construct and deconstruct knowledge on the field of educational sciences. My classmates were also a great source of seeing reality through different ways, as it was the first time in my studies that my group was really international: my classmates are coming from all five continents.

Fresh Air Everywhere

Living and studying in Oulu is in one word very smiley! The facilities are all close to each other. If you wish, you can try different courses in different faculties and still have time for playing badminton in the nearby sports hall. Staff of the university is always trying to help you and bureaucracy is almost non-existent. The campus itself is literally surrounded by nature: In the autumn you will pick berries on your way to the University, in the winter you can enjoy skiing and in the spring you will find yourself catching the sunlight in the nearby lake.

What I find particularly interesting about living in Oulu is the uniqueness of its location: Everything looks so different to me, comparing to the rest of the European cities where I have lived. I enjoy the northern lights that come out frequently on winter days, I enjoy the feeling of pure air while biking to the city center, and I enjoy the fact that everything can be reached in maximum of 30 minutes biking.

Being an alumni ambassador was a natural choice. I thought it as a loan: I want to talk to others about the great experience that I have been given while studying here, so that they might come and experience it themselves too!

Last updated: 17.1.2019