Group Work and Collaborative Learning

Marja Hiltunen
International Business Management
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My name is Marja Hiltunen and I am a student at the Oulu Business School International Business Management Master's Program. I started my studies in the autumn of 2014. I am one of the few Finns amongst the students in these international Master's programs, but I feel that the international atmosphere I get to be a part of here in my home country is great and beneficial for me as a student of international business. It has been great to meet people from all over the world, who have come here to study and realize that while our backgrounds may be very different, we are not that different after all. 

I have studied at the University of Oulu before. I graduated in 2013 and am thus now working on my second Master'Degree. Previously I studied English Philology as my major. Already back then I was interested in business studies and chose marketing, management and international business as my minors. Also, I have always been very interested ininteraction between different cultures and in cultural issues in general. During my previous studies I spent one semester in Bangkok, Thailand at Kasetsart University, where I also studied international business. After that me and my friend flew to Australia and spent a couple of months exploring the wonders of Down Under. I consider those six months to be one of the best periods of my life so far. I think that traveling, seeing the world and meeting different people makes you look at the world in a different way and also helps you realize what is so great about your own country. So, applying to this international business program was in a way a natural continuum to my studies. 

I consider myself very lucky to have been accepted to Oulu Business School and have found my studies thus far very interesting and challenging, in a good way. The courses here are conducted in different ways, some focus more on lectures while most are more based on group work and collaborative learning. This means we get to know the other students better during our studies, which is nice. Still, thelecturers tend to be pretty flexible and often provide alternative ways of completing the course if a student is not, for example, able to attend the lectures. All in all, you can always count on the fact that people here at the University of Oulu are always willing to help you the best way they can and will make an effort to make your time here count. Thus, I am very happy and proud to be a student here. I am looking forward to more challenges and mind opening discussions!

Last updated: 17.1.2019