My stay in Oulu has been awesome

Martin Mucheleka
Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment
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University of Oulu

I came to the University of Oulu to study in September 2012. I had previously studied Business Administration at theOulu University of applied science (OUAS) in Business Information Technology (BIT). While studying at OUAS, I had the privilege to take extra courses at the University of Oulu. It was during that time I learnt more about the University of Oulu and the various programs they offered.

Immediately after I graduated from OUAS in 2011, I applied to continue my studies in Master’s degree program in Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment (GS3D) and I have never looked back ever since I decided to stay and continue studying in Oulu, because the environment is just perfect for studying. Besides, my stay in Oulu had been awesome and I had already realised that Oulu was a perfect place to study, especially for international students. I also had a privilege of meeting the staff from University of Oulu long before I was offered a place to study. 


Living Experiences

My living experience has been great and it has exposed me to a lot of different people and different cultures. University of Oulu is so international and it is eye-opening to be involved with people from different cultures. I thought that being at this great University I would only learn more about Finnish culture, but I have learnt much more than I expected due to the variety of nationalities in the international master’s programs.  


Academic Experience

My academic experience has been very good and educational. It is always important to find members of staff who are willing to help you academically, even at short notice. The quality of teaching is beyond one’s expectations.  The staff all around are always there for the students, guiding and encouraging especially when writing your master’s thesis, you get so much help both from the supervisor as well as other staff members, such as librarians, who are always there to help you retrieve information on request. 

Last updated: 17.1.2019