Edem Quashigah University of Oulu Alumni Ambassador (Finland)

It is when one steps out of his comfort zone that great things happen

Edem Quashigah
Learning, Education and Technology
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My name is Edem Quashigah. I am currently in my first year of studies in the University of Oulu. I am a student of “Learning, Education and Technology”, an international Master’s Degree programme. I just started my studies last autumn here and at the time of writing this I had 3 weeks  of study experience in the new place.

Everything here in Oulu is new to me (the Finnish language, the weather, the food and the teaching and learning methods) and I welcome these challenges because I believe that it is when one steps out of his comfort zone that great things happen.

My short time here in Oulu has already presented me with so many ideas and opportunities on how to improve my life as well as the lives of those around me. Wholeheartedly embrace any experiences that Oulu has to offer.

I was welcomed to Oulu with so much warmth. I had a very thoughtful Kummi (student tutor) who took care of my every need. Although I was late to my studies, everybody made me feel welcome and I given more than enough opportunities to catch up to the group and for that I am grateful.

So far, everything has been good. I am enjoying my study programme here as well as my time outside the lecture rooms. Oulu has a really interesting culture. There are a lot of scenery if you have the courage to step outside and explore. There is nature all around us and I like that.

For now, the only thing that I worry about is the incoming winter. It keeps getting colder and colder but I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of fun waiting for me as I pass through this experience.

After my studies in Oulu I expect to improve upon myself in every way possible. To be able to tackle any issue that is thrown my way.

Last updated: 5.1.2017