Huong Dinh University of Oulu Alumni Ambassador (Finland)

Becoming an educational designer

Huong Dinh
Learning, Education and Technology

Being accepted to study in the University of Oulu is one of the most unforgettable milestones in my life. I have fallen in love with Finland for many reasons and especially for the nature and people. Recalling my first day I arrived here, Oulu welcomed me by a very pleasant weather with bright sunshine dancing on numerous green yellow red birch leaves in the beginning of autumn. Yeah, then I found myself being in Oulu, a Northern European city, about 8,000 miles far away from my home country Vietnam.

I have been studying in the Master’s degree programme “Learning, Education and Technology” for two years. At the same time, I have been working for a local non-governmental organization in Danang, Vietnam, about saving biodiversity and wildlife animals. With the studying in the University of Oulu, I hope that I can pursue and build up my passion to becoming an educational designer focusing on saving nature and biodiversity.

My journey in Oulu has started since last September, I experienced in different places with various activities and multinational people. I would say the University of Oulu as well as the whole city has left a great impression in my mind. Especially, I have been inspired a lot by many people with their knowledge, passion, characteristics and activities. So I think it is my turn, as an alumni ambassador of the University of Oulu, to be an inspirer to others about great things in Oulu and Finland. Being inspired and inspiring, together we will be better and happier!

Last updated: 8.11.2016