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Marta Sobocinski
Learning, Education and Technology
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Why Oulu?

I first came to Oulu as an exchange student in the autumn 2009. Already in the first few days I fell in love with the city, the university and the nature surrounding it. My strongest memories are about walking in the autumn forest to get to the university, warming up with a good student-priced lunch and spending quality time in the library. After my exchange semester in Oulu, I finished my Bachelor's Degree in English and Finnish Language and Literature at my home university in Cluj, Romania. I also spent a few months at the University of Helsinki as a visiting student, but I was missing the homeliness of Oulu.

Making the Most of Student Life

I have known for a long time that my interests are in education, and I thought that Finland would be the perfect place to study more about this. For these reasons I decided to return to apply to the Learning, Education and Technology Master's Programme at the University of Oulu. The LET programme offered an opportunity to broaden my perspective as a future teacher and gain a deeper understanding as well as practical knowledge about education and learning. Through my studies I had the opportunity to participate in several projects with real-life clients and I also developed my expertise during the internship I completed between my first and second year of studies in a school in Romania and through participating in a Demola project.

Besides studies, there are plenty of other things to do in Oulu. I joined the Oulu branch of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), where I was part of an international team organizing events for exchange students. Ice-hole swimming, language cafes, traditional pastry baking or spending a weekend in a cottage without electricity are all experiences that can make the long Finnish winters exciting. By participating in ESN I was not just part of a great community, but I also have the opportunity to try to ensure that the new exchange students have as memorable experience as I did when I first came to Oulu.

Where to?

While writing my master's thesis I became interested in doing research, and the supporting community of teachers and students at the Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit makes it a good place to continue this journey. For this reason, after graduating I started my doctoral studies at the University of Oulu. If you are interested in studying in the LET master's programme, don't hesitate to contact me through my alumni FB page (

Last updated: 5.1.2017