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Interested in being a mentor?

Would you like to make good use of your work experience and help a student discover their future career? Are you interested in developing your sparring skills? Do you want to find out what is going at the university these days, and network? Would you like to update your knowledge?

Registration for mentors to the Mentoring Programme of  2020-2021 has ended. We thank all the applicants! The application period for mentors for the academic year 2020-2021 will be opened in autumn 2021. 

Mentoring means providing support, guidance, encouragement, and tips to mentees, who are Master’s students (or doctoral students). The aim of mentoring is to help students discover their potential as employers and strive for their future career. Mentoring is based on mutual trust, openness and commitment.

Mentoring meetings can be arranged either face-to-face or remotely or online. The possibility of face-to-face meetings should be considered in the light of current guidelines and recommendations, as well as the place of residence and mutual agreement of the both parties.

We try to find the best possible mentoring pairs. Often the pairs share educational background but sometimes other factors such as entrepreneurial experience may be more important. Unfortunately, we might not find a mentee for everyone since the study fields and wishes of the students vary.

We let our alumni know about upcoming Mentoring Programmes in the alumni newsletter which you receive by joining the UniOulu Alumni Community.

If you are interested to become a mentor for a doctoral student, please contact directly the University of Oulu Graduate School: uniogs(at)

Would you like to have a presentation about mentoring in your organisation? Please contact: alumni(at)

Why become a mentor?

Mentoring is not only a great way for students to discover their future career. It is also a rewarding experience for mentors. The discussions with a student can challenge you, make you question your views, and give you a new perspective to your own work.

In the meetings or online meetings with all mentors and mentees, it is possible for you to get to know people from different fields of work and find out what is going on at the university. If you are interested in mentoring an international student, you have the chance to get to know another culture and tell more about Finnish working life or special characteristics of an international career.

You can sign up as a mentor if

  • you hold a Higher Education degree. You don’t have to be a University of Oulu alumn
  • you have at least around five years of working experience
  • you work in a small, medium or alrge company, the public or private sector, or even as an entrepreneur. All experience is worth sharing! Even if your career path feels atypical or complicated, that could be the thing that makes you the perfect mentor for someone.
  • you have a genuine will and eagerness to guide a student in their transition to work life and openly share your experience
  • you can commit to the programme for at least half a year
  • you have time to see your mentee about once a month (face-to-face or online), but at least three times during the Mentoring Programme.

We wish to have more mentors from the following fields

  • natural sciences; especially biology, geography, chemistry and physics
  • human sciences
  • educational sciences; especially educational psychology and International Master's Programmes
  • business studies; especially in Finance and Financial and Management Accounting
  • health sciences and biomedical engineering, molecular medicine and biochemistry
  • engineering; especially environmental and process engineering, computer engineering and architecture

Role of the mentor

Mentors come as they are and share their expertise and experience with the mentee during one-on-one meetings. The mentor represents one possible career path to their mentee. The mentor listens, questions, challenges, and gives feedback. Mentors are not there to supervise theses or offer internship or job positions. Mentors don’t primarily represent the company they work for, but represent themselves and their individual career paths.

The student is the more active party in the Mentoring Programme and will make sure that the mentoring process progresses. The mentor can comment on the agenda and suggest what could be included in, or propose a different approach to a certain subject area. It is good to ask from time to time, if your mentee feels they are moving closer to the goals set for the mentoring.

What does it take to become a mentor?

Mentoring requires motivation and time from both the mentor and the mentee. The mentoring pairs are committed to have at least three one-on-one meetings or online meetings during the Mentoring Programme. You can meet your mentee for example for coffee, lunch or sports, or remotely by online connection. There will be three meetings or online meetings for all the mentors and mentees that are optional but warmly recommended for all to participate. In these meetings you will get support for mentoring and meet people from different fields.

Check out the schedule for 2020-2021 and the content of the Mentoring Programme.

The participants don't have to live in Oulu area. Every year we have mentors and students who live for example in the capital area. Online mentoring can be more personal and can help when planning and agreeing the meetings. 


More information

Master's degree students mentors:

Riitta Arffman
Alumni Coordinator

Outi Tolonen
Career Specialist

Emails follow the format: firstname.lastname(at)

Doctoral students:
If you are interested to become a mentor for a doctoral student, please contact: uniogs(at)

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