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Mohammad Faisal
Wireless Communications Engineering
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Even as a child, I always had a great interest in new technologies and science. In school, it inspired me to study science. Thereby, I decided to study engineering. After completing my higher secondary level, I completed a B.Sc. in electrical and electronic engineering.

My interest in the field only got stronger: an interest to work in communications engineering and also, wanting to gain theoretical knowledge about networking and communication technology as today, communications is an essential part of everyday life. It was my wish to pursue further studies abroad and so I began the search for the best study destination for myself.

Finland is a country well known for innovations in communications engineering, pioneering in the field of designing electronics equipment and modern communication systems. Thus, my search brought me to consider Finnish universities (they are all research universities) and I was ransacking for the perfect option, also considering my future career opportunities. I ended up selecting the University of Oulu, in particular because of its outstanding reputation in wireless communications engineering. For me, it was also important that I could find the university in the international university ranking lists.

The beautiful Linnanmaa campus and its pleasant atmosphere attract me. I find the teaching methods enjoyable and the teachers are highly qualified. The courses are designed to combine theoretical and practical knowledge. I hope to become a scientist, and believe that my education here will help me in the pursuit towards a doctoral degree and post-doctoral research; I hope to contribute to broadening the understanding of wireless communications technology through laboratory work and research. I firmly believe that for me, the University of Oulu is the best place to achieve that.


Last updated: 17.1.2019