Extra-ordinary people in building student motivation

Muhammad Ovais Ahmad
Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Context
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Doctoral Researcher/Student tutor /Alumni Ambassador
Department of Information Processing Science

A message as alumni ambassador
I feel proud to mention that collaboration of the University of Oulu with a variety of national and multi-national organizations gives the students the best chance to pursue their career goals. I would strongly recommend students to come to the University of Oulu to enjoy the multi-cultural environment with students from around the globe; enrich yourselves with knowledge; enjoy the Finnish lifestyle and achieve your goals.

Why I selected University of Oulu
I came to the University of Oulu, Finland in September 2010. There were many factors that contributed to the decision in order to study at the University of Oulu. Intellect and social values are the driving forces for me to choose a place and I found Finland the country which fulfilled these requirements. I was looking for a unique combination of information systems, software engineering and software business management. I found it in Master’s degree program in Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment (GS3D).

Living experience
Living in a multi-cultural environment is the most enjoyable thing about living in Oulu. This gives me an opportunity to know different cultures and make friends around the globe. One great special new experience is the sauna with Finns ;) At the end of the first year, I was selected as a student tutor to help new international students' integration into Finnish society and guide them through the practicalities at the beginning of studies and initial days in new culture.

Academic experience
The most valuable aspect of studying at University of Oulu is the quality teaching, easy-to-approach staff members and extra-ordinary people in building student motivation. Teaching methods are excellent, most of these methods were new for me but I didn´t find any difficulty in adapting to this new system. In this great learning environment, I completed my Master degree (GS3D) from the Department of Information Processing Science, in one and a half years and received an award for being the first graduate of GS3D master program. My experience of the summer job in a research project during my master’s degree studies in the University of Oulu gave me an opportunity to enhance my professional and social skills. Thus, it has been the best part of my stay in Finland.

After graduation
After completing my master’s degree, I joined university of Oulu alumni ambassador network. Additionally, I got a researcher job in M-group at the department of information processing science. After eight months, I was awarded with the University of Oulu PhD scholarship. Currently, I am doing my PhD in the field of experimental software engineering from the same department.

Last updated: 17.1.2019