Sunny summer nights, dark and short winter days

Mukti Paudel
Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment
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In 2009, I got a chance to meet some polite and humble people from Finland working in my city in a drinking water distribution project. While interacting with them, I got to know several surprising facts about Finland. The most surprising part for me were the long sunny nights in the summer, dark days in the winter and of course the world’s best education system free of cost. My desire to explore more took me to Finland. 

I come from a background where I was habitual with the crowd. The initial days were quite lonely because I was lost in a way and was unable to find any help because I could not see any people for an hour. But now I can feel the transformation in me and all the credit goes to the University and the nice environment in Oulu. 

I am Mukti Paudel, a student in International Master’s Degree Programme in Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment (GS3D) at University of Oulu. I am originally from Nepal.

Apart from software I have my passion for entrepreneurship. I am enjoying my journey in the wonderful, innovative, supportive and inspirational environment at the University. I am here to help if you have any study related or any practical queries!

Last updated: 17.1.2019