University of Oulu, 2017

Arriving and Settling In

Residence permit

Citizens of EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland: you do not need to apply for a residence permit prior to your arrival in Oulu. You however need to register your stay in Finland through the Finnish Immigration services once you have arrived to Oulu. We will also cover this matter during the orientation. For more information.

Other nationalities: You need to apply for a residence permit prior to your arrival to Finland. Please refer to your acceptance documents or Finnish Immigration service website for more information. Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid residence permit if one is required. We strongly recommend you to submit the residence permit application immediately after receiving the acceptance documents.


All students are responsible for their own health, accident and travel insurances. The University of Oulu does not cover medical costs for students. Do not forget to take an insurance that covers all of these during both your stay in Finland and your travel to and from Finland. For eventual leisure time excursions and trips, it is advisable to make sure that the insurance is valid also in Finland’s neighboring countries.

Students from EU countries must also bring their European Health Card with them. For further information on the card, please contact the social insurance office in your home country. Note that the European Health Insurance Card is not valid during your travels to and from Finland or during any excursions to a third country.

Travelling to Oulu – transportation in the Oulu area

You can easily travel to Oulu from Helsinki by plane or by train. The flight takes about 55min and train 6-7hours. If arriving by plane there is a direct bus route number 8 to city center and Linnanmaa campus that leaves from right outside the airport terminal. If arriving by train you can easily reach the city center bus stops and catch a bus anywhere in the city.  

International Master's programme students: degree certificate

All students accepted to a Master's degree programme are required to present their original Bachelor’s degree certificate (or equivalent higher education degree) and transcript of records of previously completed university studies before starting their studies at the University of Oulu. If a student fails to do so, the right to study at the University of Oulu will be waived. The certificates are presented to the Faculty's Study affairs.

International Master's programme students: IM scholarship

Students that have been awarded the IM scholarship must return the signed Terms and Conditions document to the Faculty's Study affairs when presenting the original degree certifcates. The document was sent to IM scholarship recipients as a part of their acceptance package.

Finnish ID number

All international students are required to obtain a Finnish identification number once they have arrived and inform it to their own Faculty's Study affairs. The ID number is applied in person at the Local Register Office in Oulu and it is free of charge. More detailed instructions on this will be given during the orientation. For more information.

Campus maps

Linnanmaa campus

Kontinkangas campus

Estimates on living expenses

When estimating students living expenses the cost of housing is of course usually the biggest part. Rents in shared student housing start from approx. 170eur per month, studios can cost up to 500-600eur per month.

Below are some examples of prices:

Lunch on campus - 2.60eur
Monthly bus pass in Oulu - 42eur
Milk (1 litre) - 0.70eur
Bottled water - no need to buy as you can drink tap water!
Pizza (eating out) - 5-9eur
Movie ticket - 7.50-15eur


Last updated: 28.8.2019