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AAG's John Rooney Award to Professor Jarkko Saarinen

The American Association of Geographers (AAG), the largest international scientific organisation in the field of geography, has awarded the John Rooney Prize to Jarkko Saarinen, Professor of Geography of the University of Oulu.

The John Rooney Award is awarded for outstanding work in the field of applied tourism, recreation and sports geography. The justification for Saarinen's reward is exemplary research on sustainability and community-based resource management in tourism geography.

Saarinen's research area includes several tourism related issues, such as sustainability and responsibility, adaptation to climate change and impact on developing regions and Global South. Research topics include tourism and local community relations and political ecology. Saarinen has done his research in peripheral areas in the Arctic regions and southern Africa, where he has worked as a visiting researcher and professor on several occasions at the universities of Johannesburg and Pretoria since 2011.

Jarkko Saarinen's very rich publishing production includes the latest international collaborative articles Mapping and analysing cultural ecosystem services in conflict areas, Climate Change policy in a world of uncertainty: Changing environment knowledge and tourism in Botswana and The last resort? Ski tourism and climate change in Arctic Sweden from 2020. His latest edited book Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals: Research on Sustainable Tourism Geographies has been published this year by Routledge.

Jarkko Saarinen has been Professor of Geography at the University of Oulu since 2003. He received his doctorate at the University of Oulu in 2001.

AAG awarded Saarinen Roy Wolfe Award for scientific merits in tourism geography research in 2013. The John Rooney Prize has been awarded to ten recipients since 1997.

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Last updated: 24.3.2020