University of Oulu, 2016

New Academy Projects, Postdoctoral Researchers and Academy Research Fellows to the University of Oulu

The Academy of Finland has granted altogether 16.2 million euros funding for 28 Academy projects, three Academy Research Fellows and eight Postdoctoral researchers working at the University of Oulu. The funding was granted from 1 September 2019 onwards.

In the University of Oulu notable amount of Academy Projects in human sciences, engineering and natural science, among others, received funding. Young researchers succeeded well.


Academy projects 1.9.2019-31.8.2023

Janne Aikio: Phase-Shifter Based Integrated Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifier Architectures (MIMEPA)

Janne Alahuhta: Improved geodiversity information in assessing and conserving biodiversity (iGEOBIO)

Timo Asikainen: PRediction Of SPace climate and its Effects in ClimaTe (PROSPECT)

Marian Codreanu: Sparsity and Information Aging for Wireless Internet of Things

Maria Frick: Linguistic and bodily involvement in multicultural interactions

Pentti Haddigton: PeaceTalk: Talk and Interaction in Multinational Crisis Management Training

Jukka Hakkola: Environmental xenosensor, nuclear receptor PXR as disease mechanism in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Markku Hokkanen: Mobile healers, politics and development in sub-Saharan Africa, 1870-2000: Transformations, contestations and inventions

Tuija Huuki: Making, mattering & mapping: Arts and research-activism for addressing sexual harassment in pre-teen peer cultures

Netta Iivari: Critical Design and Making by Children (MAKE-A-DIFFERENCE)

Sanna Järvelä: Researching and supporting socially shared regulation in collaborative learning (SHARP)

Päivö Kinnunen: Towards CO2-utilizing Cement – Assessing the Characteristics and Performance of Nanostructured Glass for Cements (CEMGLASS)

Krisztian Kordas: Novel Ionic Liquid Gels for Advanced Energy Applications / Consortium: Nigella

Steven LaValle: PERCEPT: Human PERCEPTion-Based Planning and Filtering

Henrikki Liimatainen: Functional nanoribbons from asymmetrically modified cellulose nanomaterials

Timo Liimatainen: Quantitative Imaging of Myocardial Fibrosis and Electric Activity (QIMFE)

Sanna Lipkin: Daily and afterlife of children (1500–1900): New perspectives in identifying childhood in the past

Päivi Lujala: Transparency in High-Value Natural Resource Management (TraReMa)

Hannu Marttila: Assessing and valuing ecosystem services for managing hydropower constructed rivers systems / Consortium: EcoRiver

Igor Meglinski: Smart Optical Biopsy with Twisted Light (Biopsy Twist)

Ilkka Nissinen: Development of a time resolving CMOS single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) sensor enabling a depth resolving Raman radar (DepthRamanDet)

Florence Oloff: Smart Communication: the situated practices of mobile technology and digital literacies

Terhi Piltonen: Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) – new player in the early onset pathogenesis of pregnancy complications and hormonal and metabolic derangements in women

Timo Rahkonen: Minimizing non-linear distortion in multiphase systems

Kirsi Sipilä: Genetics in host response of oral diseases – Northern Finland Birth Cohorts

Ilya Usoskin: Extreme Solar Particle Events: Risk Assessment (ESPERA)

Phillip Watts: The ‘starving’ bank voles of Chernobyl: adaptation to- or consequence of- a poor environment? / Consortium: Starving_Vole

Vladimir Zhivonitko: Parahydrogen biosensors for hypersensitive NMR analysis


Academy Research Fellows 1.9.2019-31.8.2024

Vlad Eugen Dinca: Geneettisen erilaistumisen spatio-temporaalinen dynamiikka: Euroopan päiväperhoset mallina

Katharina Kujala: Capturing the unknown microbial players and genes involved in the cycling of arsenic and antimony in Northern peatland soils

Kaisa Vehkalahti: Rural Generations on the Move. Cultural History of Rural Youth, 1950–2020 (GenR)


Postdoctoral researchers 1.9.2019-31.8.2022

Ekaterina Gilman: UrBOT: Enabling Transient Urban Knowledge for Future Cities

Noora Hirvonen: Authority and Agency in Making Informed Decisions on Immunization

Lauri Holappa: Explaining a new solar wind driver of geomagnetic activity

Xiaobai Li: 6+E: Understanding non-typical emotions from facial videos with multimodalities

Sarah Mailhiot: Zero Carbon Dioxide Cement Material Evaluated with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Hidefumi Nishiyama: Spaces of Disregard: An agnotological approach to the geopolitics of Okinawa

Henni Piirainen: Understanding the mechanisms of actin monomer recharging for polymerization and evaluation of the machinery as a drug target against malaria

Juho Yliniemi: Mineral dissolution enhancement by chelating agents for alkali-activated materials


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