Better Factory: growing the European manufacturing business

Better Factory invites Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers (SMEs) to redesign their current product portfolio together with Business and Arts mentors and Technology experts. Manufacturers can tap into disruptive product innovation that responds to new market demands while keeping production resources optimal with RAMP IoT platform.

The consortium coordinated by VTT (Finland), includes 28 partners from 18 European countries. In the Better Factory University of Oulu acts as Regional Technology competence center in Finland.  The role is marketing, disseminating and promoting RAMP concept and results in company ecosystem AIF is coordinating. Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE)more specifically, people working in Allied ICT Finland project will mainly participate in this project.

RAMP (Robotics Automation Marketplace) is a free and open IoT platform (FIWARE) running on state of the art servers, with access to cloud storage and computing, enabling connection with robots, sensors, cameras, AR/VR and other equipment. RAMP will provide 3D simulation tool to create Digital Twin for virtual testing, co-creation space for teams to collaborate online among other digital services.

Better Factory Open Calls    

Better Factory will select eight teams of European manufacturing SMEs, artists and technology providers in each Open Call (2021/2022). The selected teams will be supported through a period of 12 months where artists will be paired with technology suppliers to tackle the challenges proposed by the manufacturers.

During the project, Better Factory will assign high-skilled Business and Arts experts to analyze the current product / service portfolio with the core knowledge from manufacturers, to redesign customizable products and service portfolios using new digital technologies. This may spark new product designs, business models or brands.

For SMEs to produce batches of new and personalized products requires transforming traditional factories into lean and agile production facilities. Better Factories provides an Open and Standardized Advance Production Planning and Scheduling (APPS) system for manufacturers to test commercial tools to optimize waste, energy, resources and logistic.

More information:

Senior Scientist Ali Muhammad, VTT, tel. +358 40 0560851,

PI Susanna Pirttikangas, University of Oulu, Center for Ubiquitous Computing,

PM Pirjo Rousu, Allied ICT Finland,

Last updated: 19.10.2020