“I can see where I have ended up in comparison to others.” Part of the target group? Take the career monitoring survey

Career monitoring collects information on university graduates’ first years of career progress to support the development of education. Reflecting on your career and the skills learned at the university helps you identify your professional strengths and development areas.

Tarja Männistö, who graduated with a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management in 2014, was happy to respond to the survey last year. She was curious to find out where in Finland other graduates have ended up and about their work situation: “I am interested in the results so that I can see where I have ended up in comparison to others who graduated at the same time,” says Männistö.

The career monitoring of autumn 2020 will begin at the start of October. This year, the target group comprises graduates who completed any master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education in 2015 and doctors who graduated in 2017. Members of the survey’s target group will be contacted personally.

National career monitoring allows universities to collect information on the first years of their alumni’s careers and their success in securing employment. The career surveys also help current and future students examine their career opportunities and strengths. “I tend to reflect quite a bit on my career, on what motivates me and on what is meaningful in my work,” says Männistö. The greatest reason for her to respond to the survey was to find out what the university could still offer her. “I’ve noticed that I need to add to and maintain my own competence, the longer a time it’s been from my graduation. All opportunities of this manner, such as this survey, should be used.” Read more > 

“We collect valuable information from graduates to support the development of university education and the related decision-making. In addition, the outcomes of master’s degree graduates will affect university funding as of 2021. Our alumni and their feedback are valued highly by the university,” states Tapio Koivu, Vice Rector for Education at the University of Oulu. “Based on the previous survey, our development areas have focused on interdisciplinarity, working in multi-professional groups and entrepreneurial skills. Going forward, we will improve the digitalisation of our education and the quality of our degree programmes overall. All feedback on these areas needs to be analysed carefully.” 

The results of the current survey will be published in 2021. Graduates falling into the target group will be approached by either an SMS or a letter between October and November. In addition, those who have submitted their contact information to the alumni register of their university may be approached by e-mail. The survey can be taken online via a personal link or with a paper form. Graduates are requested to assess their satisfaction with their degree and career so far and to describe the factors that have influenced their employment. The university is grateful for each answer. 

The previous results, i.e. those of the 2019 career monitoring survey, concerned students who graduated with any master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education in 2014. The career monitoring of doctors concerned those who completed their degree in 2016. Masters from the University of Oulu had fared very well in the labour market: 92% of respondents had found employment. On the other hand, 40% of masters and 29% of doctors had experienced unemployment after graduation. Average gross salaries of masters had risen to EUR 3,700 whereas those of doctors had reached EUR 4,300. 83% of masters were able to utilise skills learned at the university in their work, and 73% of doctors worked in positions matching their level of education.

Read more about the results of the University of Oulu’s career monitoring survey in 2019 > 

The results of previous national career monitoring surveys are publicly accessible in the Vipunen information service. The results can also be viewed in the Töissä.fi online service that visualises data. 

Caption: Tarja Männistö, who graduated from the University of Oulu, was happy to respond to the career monitoring survey and has noticed that the longer the time from graduation, the more important it is to update one’s competence.

Last updated: 1.10.2020