News - Creating sustainability through materials and systems

10.9.2019 News

New method for material research gets hundred times stronger

Researchers from the Faculty of Science at the University of Oulu have increased the sensitivity of an emerging spectroscopic method with promising applications for materials studies.


5.9.2019 News

Eva Pongrácz aims to understand people and sustainable development

Professor Eva Pongrácz, from the Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit, wants to solve the problems of the world through cooperation. According to her, what happens around the world touches all of us.

12.3.2019 News

Quantum physicists succeed in controlling energy losses and shifts

Achievement can be applied in speeding up quantum computers and designing new quantum technological devices.

25.1.2019 News

Record-strength eco-concrete developed at the University of Oulu

The University of Oulu has developed the world’s strongest cement-free and ecological dry concrete, referred to as geopolymer concrete, which is produced from dry raw materials and water. The carbon dioxide emissions for geopolymer concrete production are as much as 80% smaller than for normal concrete.

1.10.2018 News

Recycling through chemistry

The Research Unit of Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Oulu aims at increasing the exploitation of industrial by-products. In the best-case scenario, waste is processed into an environmentally conscious product: for example, alkaline battery mass can be turned into fertilisers.

5.6.2018 News

Golden nanoglue completes the wonder material

In a recent study, scientists at the University of Oulu have developed a nanojunction, joining one of the most promising novel materials, molybdenum disulfide, with nickel.


1.6.2018 News

High-tech expansion of OMS Research Centre for the extractive industries

The Oulu Mining School Research Centre, the teaching and basic research unit of the extractive industries at the University of Oulu, has expanded and now serves all of the research needs of the extractive industries in geoscience, applied geophysics, as well as mining and refining technology.  It is also used by other technology fields at the university and by private industry.

21.12.2017 News

Finnish universities expanding their cooperation with MAX IV

The longstanding collaboration, dating back more than 20 years, of Finnish universities and users to MAX IV laboratory has taken a new phase. Through an agreement signed recently, a Finnish university consortium FIMAX will expand and deepen this collaboration.

30.11.2017 News

Extensive ERC funding for development of an ultrafast NMR method

A group headed by Academy Research Fellow Ville-Veikko Telkki at the University of Oulu, has been granted considerable funding of EUR 2.6 million over five-years for the development of the completely new ultra-fast multidimensional NMR method.

12.10.2017 News

Biobased carbon nanomaterials for electronic applications

The Fibre and Particle Engineering and Microelectronics Research Units of University of Oulu have received research funding from Tekes for their project “Green carbon nanofibers for large area electronics” (Grelectronics) for two years.

12.9.2017 News

New, affordable and easy to upscale electrocatalyst for hydrogen production from water

Research teams of Umeå University, Åbo Akademi, University of Danang and University of Oulu have developed a novel robust and efficient catalyst nanomaterial for electrochemical water splitting, which is easy to apply and feasible to produce in large quantities at low cost. 

2.6.2017 News

Log construction seeks urban forms

The Faculty of Architecture in the University of Oulu started their Modern log city project last year. The project has three stages, and it studies and promotes options of log construction especially in a city environment and in large public construction works.

1.6.2017 News

Agnico Eagle Finland Oy donates a million Euros to the University of Oulu

Main image shows the Minipilot concentrator facility, which is in educational and research use in the University of Oulu. Picture: Juha Sarkkinen.