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Five new international programmes to start from Autumn 2021 – studies available on epidemiology, data science, sustainability, and digitalisation

University of Oulu opens a record number of five new degree programmes taught in English to train future pioneers to solve global challenges with science-based solutions. The graduates are expected to have a high demand both in the industry, public sector, and academia.

The next application period for all international programmes will take place on 7-20 January 2021. Studies will begin in Autumn 2021. Scholarships covering either 50 %, 75 % or 100 % of full tuition fee are available for talented students.

Study ICT as a whole from Bachelor’s level

First-time opportunity to apply to study ICT in English from Bachelor´s level now exists for high school graduates with IB/EB diploma, Finnish Matriculation Examination, Reifeprüfung (RP) or DIA or based on SAT-test result for applicants with other qualifications.

University of Oulu educates diverse ICT specialists to fit the needs in the industry experiencing expert shortage. A three-year Bachelor´s programme in Digitalisation, Computing and Electronics provides students with skills and knowledge in technologies required in the digitalized world.  Students can choose their study path and focus on artificial intelligence and applied computing, software and systems, or electronics.

Read more and apply to study Digitalisation, Computing and Electronics (3 + 2 years)

Data science focus in two new Master´s programmes – for solving business decisions and epidemics

In a world overwhelmed with information and data, appropriate skills and abilities are needed to manage and utilise these resources. The Master´s programme in Business Analytics combines the forefront expertise in artificial intelligence at the University of Oulu to the business expertise provided by an AACSB-accredited Oulu Business School. As a result, the programme will produce graduates with three profiles: business analysts, data engineers, and information analysts.

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Biomedical data science is on the focus in the new Master´s degree programme launched in health sciences. Students will learn to design epidemiological studies, build statistical models and produce new knowledge transferable to public health intervention, health policy and precision medicine. Graduates will gain understanding in chronic diseases and emergent epidemics, like Covid-19.

Applicants with various backgrounds are welcomed: graduates in public health, statistics, biology, genetics, ecology, epidemiology or bioinformatics. Even medical doctors and dentists can apply.

Read more and apply to study Epidemiology and Biomedical Data Science (2 years)

Chemistry to support building of circular economy societies

University of Oulu is committed to promoting the UN’s goals of sustainable development with our research and education. First-time opportunity to study sustainable chemistry in English leading to a Master´s degree. One of the strengths in studying chemistry at the University of Oulu is the chance to include studies in engineering, namely process technology, where new materials from industrial waste are turned into construction materials, for example.

Read more and apply to study Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials (2 years)

University of Oulu continues to educate electrical engineers with high demand in the industry

A new Master´s degree programme in Electronics covers the field as a whole: design of circuits and systems, electronic materials and components using nanotechnology, as well as printed electronics. University of Oulu has spearhead research and innovations in several application fields of electronics, such as biomedical measurements, high-speed optical and electrical transients, and photonics. Students may also take courses in wireless communications engineering.

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Last updated: 12.11.2020