University of Oulu, 2016

University of Oulu gave critical feedback on Plan S

Plan S is an initiative by cOAlition S, an international consortium of research funders, to achieve full and immediate Open Access to scientific publications after 1 January 2020 in Europe. In November 2018, cOAlition S approved the implementation guidance on making Plan S a reality.

University of Oulu endorses the objectives of Plan S and it sees Open Access as the desired direction for scholarly publishing. However, in its current form Plan S is too strict to meet the expectations. The proposed time frame for the large changes is very short, and there are still important details to be decided. In particular, the University wants to highlight that Plan S does not take into consideration new alternative ways of scholarly publishing that would be more sustainable and flexible than the current system.

Plan S was launched in September 2018. cOAlition S has also published the Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S on making reality of the principles of Plan S.

Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S is open for public feedback until 8 February 2019. University of Oulu has submitted an institutional response to the Plan S consultation on 5 February 2019. This response takes into account feedback received from University academics in open meetings on 11 and 14 January 2019. The response was also openly commentable in the University's wiki. 

University of Oulu response (pdf)

Last updated: 6.2.2019