Polar Bear Pitching 2020 is looking for start-ups

Seventh annual Polar Bear Pitching will be held on the 12th of March 2020 in Oulu, Finland. The icy start-up event, organized by the university of Oulu, culminates with the start-ups pitching their ideas from an ice hole carved in the frozen Baltic sea.

Polar Bear Pitching is a great opportunity to showcase the investors in a very concrete way, just how far you are ready to go for your company. The event gives great visibility for the start-ups regardless the position in the competition itself, as the event is usually covered by medias world-wide.

We are looking for start-ups who have:

  • more than just an idea; they have to have at least an MVP which has been tested and validated
  • an innovative product or a service for international markets
  • scalable business models
  • representative, who has no fear for freezing circumstances and a great show for the audience

The participants of previous Polar Bear Pitching competitions have been from all over the world. We have had winners coming from Norway, Israel, Belarus, Estonia and Finland. The competition will be completely free and open for all public. This competition gives an overview of where the industries are heading next.

Check out more from the website: www.polarbearpitching.com

The main focus this year will be on matchmaking. The event has been great in melting the ice between start-ups, investors and media, but in 2020 we aim to help people meet and get to know each other even more. There will be an exclusive matchmaking event which helps to discover a broad spectrum of innovative start-ups, investors and top science ventures.

Oulu has been listed as one of the most innovative regions in Europe by Forbes. For instance, it is home to wireless communication, 6G research, and an impressive array of already successful and exciting start-ups. Up to 2.6 billion people use technologies developed in Oulu on a daily basis.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of Polar Bear Pitching! Start-ups are applying for the event as you read this and the spots in the ice hole are limited. The application round ends on the 31st of January or when the competition is fully booked.

Last updated: 18.12.2019