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University of Oulu receives 6.6 million euros for strengthening the profiling of research

The Academy of Finland has made funding decisions aimed at strengthening the profiling of university research. The University of Oulu received a total of €6.6 million to strengthen the research of digital health, circular economies of non-organic side flows, mathematical analysis of large datasets, and artificial intelligence. The four-year funding is aimed at supporting the development of research areas chosen by universities based on their overall strategies and at improving the conditions for high quality research.

This was the fifth application round for the university profiling programme. The universities’ applications were assessed and ranked by an international panel of experts. The panel was composed of university experts at the rector or vice-rector level who have broad experience in reforms and changes that support university research. The panel considered the applications to be of a high standard.

The application submitted by the University of Oulu was placed in the highest category (6/6) both in terms of its overall grade and in terms of profiling area cooperation and division of work between universities, which was an important part of the assessment.  The application was ranked in third place – once again.

The statement accompanying the assessment mentioned that the University of Oulu is ahead of other universities in research on health technology and digital patient data, being supported in this research by its strong cooperation with the University Hospital. The university has also succeeded in establishing a distinctive profile in its expertise on non-organic materials.  The plan for strengthening research in mathematical analysis and artificial intelligence was considered excellent, as it supports research in all the profile fields and in an increasingly knowledge-based society.

‘Both this funding decision and the assessment of our strategy and development work given by this expert panel are truly joyful news. A huge amount of work has gone into this, and it is great to see how we have made progress in building a strong research profile’, says University of Oulu Rector Jouko Niinimäki.

According to the panel assessment, the University of Oulu has succeeded in recent years in building step-by-step a strong strategic position within the university sphere and strengthening its profile in a number of research fields. The strategic vision for the research is clear and the action plan presented will support the profiling and improve the quality of research in the Finnish research and innovation system. Some of the strengths identified included the development of the conditions for multidisciplinary research through focus institutes and measures that support cooperation, as well as success in international recruitment of personnel. All of the profile fields chosen were seen to deal with questions important to society..

‘It is great that through this decision we get to implement our plan and strengthen research in our profile fields. I am very satisfied with the assessment we received of the overall strength of our profile fields and our third-place ranking in this assessment’, concludes Vice Rector for Research Taina Pihlajaniemi.

Academy of Finland press release 17 May 2019

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